Who We Are

Annalise Masad (she/her), Education and Wellbeing Practitioner

Annalise is currently at university in her third year studying Psychology, she has worked and volunteered at YiS part time for over a year as an Education and Wellbeing Practitioner delivering education and training to both young people and adults on a variety of topics around mental health. As well as helping to manage all YiS social media and it's messaging service. She is also undertaking a placement year as a Honorary Assistant Psychologist within the NHS Bucks Community Learning Disability team.

Her main interests are with young people and individuals with learning disabilities mental health as well as how societal and institutional inequalities affect an individuals mental health.

Wellbeing Tip: "Celebrate the little things that make you you"

Antonietta Moch (she/her), Director of Wellbeing

Antonietta has over 15 years experience working in the voluntary sector with a proven career in developing and delivery mental health, sexual health and relationship education and training. She has managed contracts, projects and staff teams and takes a refreshing optimistic person-centred approach to this.

In addition to this, she has substantial knowledge in training, person-centred working practices and is a keen motivational leader. Antonietta is a trained Mental Health First Aider with a Train the Trainer the qualifications in Mental Health Sports and Physical Activity (MHSPA) and Child Exploitation Online Prevention (CEOP) and a qualification in Happiness Life Coaching

Wellbeing Tip: "No matter what is going on in life, no matter how the body feels, take a moment to breathe in deep and exhale with a big whoosh"

Ben Wise (he/him), Education and Wellbeing Practitioner

Ben has spent his whole career working with young people, from Youth Facilitator for Community Learning Milton Keynes to Programme Coordinator at Police Now in London, with plenty in-between. In this exciting phase of his career, Ben has joined YiS as an Education and Wellbeing Practitioner. He is currently studying for a BSc in Psychology with Counselling so that he can support young people's mental health as a psychologist. Ben has specialist training and experience with young people who are neurodivergent and embeds anti-ableism into his practice.

Wellbeing Tip: "Don't apologise for feeling something or feeling a lot"

Charlotte Carr (she/her), Education and Wellbeing Practitioner

Charlotte is fascinated by people, which led her to a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Whilst studying she picked modules that focussed on children and young people, and individuality. She has an awareness and understanding that every person is unique and should be treated as such. She is incredibly passionate about proactively supporting children and young people’s mental health, as well as breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. She has volunteered for a few organisations, such as Shout and YiS Young People’s Mental Health. Both of which provided a variety of training opportunities, most notably in safeguarding, equality and diversity, introduction to a variety of mental health issues, supporting people in a crisis, and becoming a Wellbeing Champion.

Wellbeing Tip: “Self-care is not selfish, it’s essential”

Gareth Eglinton-Pacitti (he/him), CEO

Gareth has been involved in community work and volunteering for over 30 years, including such organisations as Oxfam, Q:alliance, Community Action: MK, Mind, Stonewall and Living Archive. His lifelong interest in mental health, the importance of self-care and empathy for others led to him becoming a professional therapeutic counsellor, a role he continues outside of YiS. Gareth is trained in voluntary sector leadership, strategic planning, mental health, therapeutic counselling working with young people and community development.

Wellbeing Tip: "Be gentle on yourself and kind to others"

Jenny Harknett (she/her), Counselling Manager

Jenny is a BACP accredited counsellor with over a decade's experience of working with young people, as well as being Mum to two young men. She has worked in both the voluntary and public sectors, as well as in her own private practice. She believes in enabling young people to see and to step into their power potential; to trust in their own sense of meaning, to release fear and find the innate courage it takes to thrive!

Wellbeing Tip: "Life itself only ever exists in the present moment - embrace the 'now' and live!"

Katie Neal (she/her), Education and Wellbeing Practitioner

Katie started volunteering at YiS four years ago when she was still studying for her Psychology degree at university. She started working for YiS after she graduated and specialises in the wellbeing of young people. She gives one-to-one coaching sessions, which enables a young person to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. Katie's aim is to promote young people's self-belief and confidence as well as improve their wellbeing and mental health to enable them to be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves.

Wellbeing Tip: "Nothing is too small or trivial to talk about. If it's on your mind, let's talk it out"

Sharon Fox (she/her), Client Manager

Sharon has been working and volunteering with children in the education sector for the past 18 years and joined the amazing team at YiS as the client manager in June 2019. Her compassion for others aids her desire to make a difference to the wellbeing of those in need, in particular the young people of Milton Keynes.

Wellbeing Tip: “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness”