1-2-1 Counselling

please note we do not carry out any home visits

For any other issue call us on 01908 604700 or email info@mkyis.org.uk

Our telephone mostly goes to voicemail, but we will call you back within 2-3 working days unless the message says otherwise

If you live in Shenley Church End or Stantonbury parishes* or West Bletchley you are likely to be seen sooner thanks to Parish Council funding. Our Beanhill service is funded by MK Development Partnership.

*For Shenley Church End this includes: Crownhill, Grange Farm, Medbourne, Shenley Church End, Shenley Wood, Oakhill and Oxley Park
*For Stantonbury this includes: Bancroft Park & Blue Bridge, Bradville, Oakridge Park, Stantonbury & Linford Wood

If you want more counselling spaces in your area, please contact your Parish Council, Ward Councillor, GP Surgery or local school and tell them to get in touch or visit this page for more information!