Counselling in Schools

We provide counselling in local schools and colleges at reasonably priced rates. Please see below, or contact us for further details.

Why Choose YiS?

YiS is a community led counselling service that provides young people aged 11-21 who live, learn or work in Milton Keynes with BACP accredited mental health support.

As our school counsellors are fully qualified volunteers who have a wealth of experience working predominantly with young people, we are highly cost effective and specialised in comparison to other providers.

96% of our client's felt that we helped them, 94% were able to 'move on' and 99% would recommend us to a friend.

YiS has demonstrable experience of delivering high quality counselling services in local schools for the past ten years including Lord Grey, Ousedale, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes Academy, Radcliffe and Milton Keynes College...

“Without YiS we would struggle… waiting lists would grow and pressure would be felt on school staff as they would need to work with those young people. I believe mental health would deteriorate as only those reaching high threshold levels would be helped”

“At Lord Grey we are fortunate enough to have a YiS worker come in once a week, this has meant waiting lists have been dramatically reduced and that our student population are offered a choice of counsellor”

“Extend the service to more schools!”

Why Now?

The upcoming Government White Paper on Transforming Children's and Young Peoples Mental Health Provision is likely to recommend mandatory mental health interventions, such as counselling, within schools.

As YiS is a local charity providing high quality counselling at a fraction of the cost of other providers, choosing us would not only benefit your own students but would support us in continuing to provide high quality counselling to young people of all backgrounds across MK as we have done since the 1970's.

What Packages do YiS Offer?

We anticipate that every young person will receive 6 weeks of counselling (6 hours in total), but some may receive less or more depending on their individual circumstances and needs.

There are a variety of different options available, and we can also tailor a package for you and your school:

Pricing Table

Why am I paying for volunteers?

The low cost high value price you pay covers the cost of our volunteers monthly clinical supervision, public liability insurance, DBS checks, travel and other expenses, training, management and other general running costs.

YiS costs just £60,000 to run per annum but delivers £230,000+ worth of counselling each year. YiS has a small part time staff that works hard to support our dedicated and loyal volunteers who commit no less than three hours of their time per week.

As a small local charity buying a package from YiS helps us to guarantee our long term sustainability so that we can continue to support the mental health of young people across Milton Keynes.