Supervision for Frontline Staff

The type of supervision that YiS offers is typically for counsellors. However, we recognise that all professionals including teachers, healthcare workers, social workers and others who support young people directly can benefit from a safe space to reflect on their practice and the opportunity to disentangle from the emotional impact of working with young people and the issues they face.

At YiS we offer clinical supervision to all frontline staff which is a separate way of working to counselling. It allows professionals to focus on a particular aspect of their practice in a way that they would not normally do, for example:

    • reflection on previous action and its implications for future action
    • challenging the supervisee to think outside of their current ways of working
    • offering support and advice for the supervisee to learn alternative ways of working and specific skills
    • offering constructive feedback

"My supervisor is very easy to talk to and useful. I have found the sessions invaluable in helping me better support young people"

Our current client feedback is 5/5 for satisfaction and all supervisees would recommend the service to a friend or colleague.

If you would like to find out how supervision could support you and your staff team, call Kat on 01908 604 700 ext. 3 or email her at email

PLEASE NOTE: As a supervision service for non-counsellors this part of our work does not fall under the BACP Accreditation awarded to our main counselling service.

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