What Young People Say about YiS Counselling

“The counsellors are super friendly and make you think outside of the box”

“Counsellors not only give you coping mechanisms, but also explain the reasoning behind certain behaviours”

“It really helped to start progressing my mental health education”

“I liked the comfort and peace of mind they give you”

“It reset my week if I felt sad and set me up for the next week it helped with my self belief and stress”

“They are helpful and listen”

“EVERYTHING was good - my counsellor was so kind and cared about everything I said and made me see things from another perspective!”

“I liked how much I have talked about how I am feeling in a good way and thought about how i would like to feel”

“My counsellor and I really connected”

“There are no expectations or structures everything is at your own pace”

“[YiS} really do care about you and really want to help you feel better”

“It’s a brilliant way to be able to let go of pain and trauma without need money to pay and its regular weekly”

“The counsellors are kind and make sure you are comfortable.”

“My counsellor was very understanding and helpful, letting me talk when i needed to and didn't talk to me like child.”

“The people are friendly”

“My counsellor was very understanding of my problems”

“Understanding and kind”

“My counsellor was so patient with me and didn’t rush me or anything. She let me take things at my own pace and what was comfortable for me.”

“It's easier to make sense of things after a session”

“I liked how understanding and helpful my counsellor was. Felt nice to actually speak to someone”

“It feels very friendly and non judgemental”

“They understand me a lot and helped me quite a lot”

“I like the consistency of the sessions. They were always the same day at the same time”

“How they listen to what you have to say and don’t talk over you or intervene”

“I feel comfortable with sharing information”

“The councillors are understanding and respectful”

“The counsellor was nice”


"I feel that i have made a huge amount of progress with the help of [counselling], and over the past few weeks i have been able to deal with my anxiety very well as a result of the sessions"

"Thank you all so much for the help and support that you have provided for me, it's made such a huge difference for me and has helped me move forward with my future"

“Made me feel very good about myself and helped me so much more than thought possible am very happy that i have someone when helps me”

“Very interesting and also stress relief

"Brilliant has helped a lot”

“It is really relaxing”

“Thank you for your support”

“Good and useful to my daily life”

“[My counsellor] is very understanding person and always gave me advice on every situation discussed sessions were stress free and i felt comfortable”

“Room is nice, good chats”

“[Counsellor] has been amazing in providing coping strategies counseling has been perfect”

“My counsellor was understanding and empathetic [...] I think the service and response time of YiS is faultless”

“my counsellor is incredibly helpful and wonderful”

“I was helped a lot to boost my confidence”


“Helped struggles and issues become much clearer in my mind and taught me to prioritise certain things over others that are less important.”

“I have found more self-confidence. It has felt good to get everything out in the open”

“Counselling has enabled me to talk more outside of my counselling and learn that my problems are normal and that people understand”

“Counselling has helped - It has given me more confidence for instance”

“The whole experience was a good one. I definitely think it has helped me so much”

“Very enjoyable :)”

“it has helped me alot especially with my anxiety”

“Very good support at understanding and helping me get through my problems”

“It made it easier for me to talk about my feelings”

“It has been nice having someone neutral to talk to to outsource my inner troubles and to learn some coping mechanisms”

“It was extremely helpful and I always looked forward to it. I have seen a massive improvement, felt understood. Everyone was do friendly and understanding. I am glad I did it”

“It helped me to understand to stop talking in class”

“They have really helped“

“It taught me better ways to cope”

“Counsellor very understanding”

“It was nice being able to talk to somebody”

"The people was nice”

“I feel more confident now”

“Good experience and quite enjoyed it”

“Helpful, [my counsellor] was very understanding and friendly”

“[My counsellor] was really understanding and helped by providing coping strategies for my anxiety”

“Thank you!!”

“It was really helpful and was nice to have someone to listen and understand and help”

“I found it very easy to express myself”

“The sessions have helped me be able to cope a lot more, I felt the sessions were in a safe , friendly and helpful environment”

“The experience was amazing. Now being taught exercises and tips on how to cope with stress. My counselling sessions have really helped me”

“It helped me cope more with how I was feeling and helped me figure out how to improve my future”


“12 sessions was not enough due to my personal experience but I have been helped the most I could within these 12 sessions”

“I liked it helped me understand more about it and telling me what to do”

“I have found the counselling enjoyable and I have felt free to say what I need to say”

“It relaxed me”

“It was very useful to have someone to speak to about things I hadn't really spoken about before”

“Very helpful and understanding”

“I had 12 sessions but would have liked more. I really loved who I've been working with and I felt a lot of really helpful support that has been given to me”

“Very very helpful”

“Very good counsellor, she understood me”

“[My counsellor] was the best, she taught me lots of strategies to help with my thoughts and feelings and is such a good listener. I will miss her a lot”

“It's nice to have someone who I can just talk things through with”

“My counsellor was really understanding and easy to talk to. She has helped me a lot”

“Very nice sessions, helped with a lot of issues”

“Helped me to acknowledge my feelings which was bothering me. Will always use the 'bus stop' method to acknowledge them”

“I have learnt how to be okay by myself without feeling lonely. I would recommend others to come.”

“It helped me to look at things differently and understand why I feel like I did.”

YiS helped me deal with taking the edge of my emotional distresses at first thought and then to decrease these distressing thoughts”

“I think I had a very good counsellor and I would definitely recommend [YiS] to others a lot”

(Updated August 2021)