Counselling - What to Expect

Introduction Meeting

You will start with a Introduction Meeting, that may take place in person, online, or by phone.  This is all about helping us to understand you more and provide you with a place to ask any questions you have before starting counselling.

They usually last between 30-50 minutes, and in that time we will ask you questions about what issue or problem has brought you to counselling, about whether specific or recent events have made the problem worse, about how you have been managing so far and how you think counselling might help.

Please remember that YOU are the expert on YOU so this is not a test with ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.  The more open and honest you can be, the better .

If you and YiS both agree that counselling may be helpful, beneficial and appropriate for you, we will then arrange eight counselling sessions with one of our counsellors (not necessarily the same one you met in the Welcome Meeting).


Your counselling may take place in person, online, or by phone, depending on several factors that will be discussed with you. Prior to your first counselling session, you will be emailed a copy of our Counselling Contract. The contract sets out the expectations between you and YiS, you can see a preview here.  You must read, agree to and sign the contract before sessions begin.


We run a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited service. Our counsellors are trained in therapeutic counselling, have a background in working with young people and have valid Enhanced DBS Checks. All of them attend 1.5 hours with trained supervisors per month and undertake Continuing Professional Development throughout the year. Our counsellors are members of the BACP or equivalent and many have their Certificate of Proficiency, a voluntary exam which demonstrates their competencies.

As part of our work we also take on trainee counsellors who are in the final stage of their counselling Diploma or Masters. We only take on counsellors who have previous counselling experience and have passed a YiS skills-based interview. All trainee counsellors receive additional support and supervision through their course.

Our Promise

Every step of the way, you will be treated with respect and as an equal.  Our counsellors are sensitive to your needs and open to your opinions, so please make yourself heard.