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The YiS Early Support Hubs provide a drop-in service for young people aged 11+ who would like a safe space to access support for their mental health and wellbeing without needing a referral or an appointment. Young people will gain access to light touch, early intervention information, signposting, and guidance to support their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs before they hit a crisis point. Hubs enable young people to meet like-minded peers in their community.

Our wealth of materials and resources enable the subjects and sessions to be flexible and reactive to the needs of young people. Hubs offer young people the opportunity to learn more about their mental health and gain skills and techniques to improve their overall wellbeing. We offer activities exploring self-esteem, anxious feelings, relationships, and essential sexual health support. The Hubs provide information and signposting to internal and external services to YiS through our newly developed database with a range of vetted services in Milton Keynes.

The Hubs are located throughout Milton Keynes, including community centres, parish council venues, and schools. They focus on providing early intervention mental health and wellbeing support for young people. Hubs are relaxed, and there is no pressure on attendees to participate in the planned activities. Whilst predominantly group-based, any young person can access confidential one-to-one support. Our trained staff can respond to emerging issues whilst our Designated Safeguarding Lead will be on duty to provide support with any safeguarding issues.

If you would like to set up an Early Support Hub in your area, please contact our early Support Hub Lead Charlotte: charlotte@mkyis.org.uk

Wellbeing drop-in and youth participation groups for young people aged 11+ and is based on The wellbeing support hub by Youth Access, 


MK City Council assurance that YiS has the correct safeguards in place for youth provisions. 
Walton Community Council have funded the Walton Hub in 2022/23 and 2023/24. 
Q:Alliance have funded the Q:Hub that will be running until November 2023.
YMCA MK fund the YMCA Hub for all YMCA Residents 2022/23.
The Hubs Project was developed and piloted with funding from MK Community Foundation in 2021/22.