Hub FAQs

We have compiled a list of the Frequently Asked Questions about our Early Support Hubs. Feel free to have a read through and if you have any further questions please contact our Early Support Hub Lead Charlotte by emailing

What is a YiS Early Support Hub?

A YiS Early Support Hub is a safe space for young people to access early mental health and wellbeing support. Hubs are designed to support young people's mental health and wellbeing through a wide variety of wellbeing activities as well as offering 1:1 and small group support with our YiS Wellbeing Coaches.

Do I need to make a referral to attend the Hub?

No. You can attend the Hub on a drop-in basis. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 with a Wellbeing Coach you can speak to them about this upon your arrival, or book a 15 minute slot via our Website.

Is there any paperwork that I need to complete?

You would need to complete a short New Attendee form with a member of the YiS team. This form should take no longer than 2 minutes to complete.

Just before you leave the Hub you will be asked to complete a feedback form, these are completely optional and take less than 1 minute to complete.

Do I need to take part in the planned activities?

No. Young people are encouraged to take part in activities but there is absolutely no pressure to join in. If you would like to relax in a quiet corner and enjoy your own company, this is something the Hub can offer you.

How long can a young person stay at the Hub?

You can stay for as long as you like. If you would like to drop in for 5 minutes you are welcome to. If you'd like to stay from start to finish you are welcome to.

Side Note: We will not stop a young person from leaving the Hub.

Is it a one-off or can I attend on a weekly basis?

Both. Young People can attend the HUb once just to see what it is all about or they can attend on a more regular basis.

Are parents allowed to attend the Early Support Hub?

Parents/ carers/ guardians are welcome to bring the young person/ people to the Hub but they are not allowed to stay at the Hub. Adults are welcome to wait outside for their young person/ people, the Hub staff will point you in the right direction.