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Studies have shown that spending time with nature - as long as people feel safe - can have positive effects on your body. It can lower blood pressure, stress hormone levels, boost immune system function, increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is Nature and YiS have developed an amazing event to get people outdoors spending time with nature.

To join #WalkYisWay, simply head out for a walk, either by yourself, or with some friends or family (following covid-19 guidelines).

Whilst you’re out for your walk:

  • Take a selfie of you/ your group

  • Take plenty of time to notice your surroundings, make a note of:

  • 5 things you saw on your walk - things that you’d not noticed before

  • 4 things you touched on your walk

  • 3 things you could hear on your walk

  • 2 things you could smell on your walk

  • 1 thing you ate whilst you were on your walk

You can download the #WalkYisWay sheet here, once completed, we encourage you to share it across social media platforms. Alternatively, you can share your selfie and 54321 to socials. Whichever format you choose remember to tag @YisMentalHealth and use the hashtag #WalkYisWay

Wellbeing Pledge Card

We are inviting you to make a pledge for better wellbeing to look after your mental wellbeing in the same way you look after your physical health.

Download the pledge card and make your pledge today to improve your wellbeing.

pledge cards.pdf

You can use the 5 ways to wellbeing to help you

Connect - with the people around me

Be active - in a way that suits me and that I enjoy

Take notice - and be mindful of my surrounding

Keep learning - new skills and developing myself

Give - what I can whether it is my time or simply a random act of kindness

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A little can of can do.

We are pleased to announce a local family run business A Little Can Do is supporting YiS Young People's Mental Health.

The little cans of can do are a fun and simple tool that your child can use alone or you can enjoy together to explore mindfulness, living in the moment and celebrating who you are.

Check out their website for more cans.