Are you passionate about raising awareness of the importance of mental health?

Are you excited about improving young people's wellbeing?

If so, you might be interested in volunteering for YiS!

YiS Volunteers are for those who wish to join us throughout the year for big or small activities, projects, events, and overall education support.

Previous opportunities include, but are not limited to, Event Ambassadors, Event Coordinators, Project Leads, Social Media Content Producers, Street Fundraisers, Outreach Attendants, and many more.

We hold quarterly volunteers meetings to discuss upcoming dates, events, and projects that any of our volunteers can choose to participate in. We actively encourage our Volunteers to share their ideas for activities, events, or projects during these meetings.

We offer our Volunteers access to a variety of training opportunities.

Being a Volunteer with YiS is a flexible and voluntary commitment. You only need to do what you feel comfortable with. We just want your passion, commitment, and voice.

If you are interested in volunteering with YiS or attending a Quarterly Volunteer Meeting, or have ideas about events or projects you would like to see or be a part of, please contact Charlotte - charlotte@mkyis.org.uk

“Excellent agency!”

“Very organised diary, great support”

“I find the YiS staff and so supportive and helpful. The electronic systems that support my work is really helpful”

“Thorough support both professionally and personally as well as knowledge of all things legislation”

“I enjoy getting to know other volunteers and learning from each other. Also the support of staff when needed. It’s a very welcoming team, that I have loved being a part of”

“I really value group supervision for the exchange of experience and insights with other counsellors and a space to think through and explore things together”

“Well organised and a safe space to work in with consistent reliable back-up and support. It’s enjoyable to feel that we’re all working together as a team”

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